Pastors & Staff

Oscar Gutierrez

Interim Head Pastor

Lead Pastor Oscar has been serving in a worship team since the young age of 13. By the age of 15, he became a worship team assistant and eventually became the worship team leader by the age of 19. He has a passion for the Lord and it shows through his worship and dedication to the ministry. In 2016, he met Pastor Robert Lindenberg and start his new journey with The Peak Community Church. In 2021, he answered a calling to become a pastor and joined Global University to get his degree. Oscar currently overseas all aspects of Worship, Media, Creative and Tech teams.

Yasmin Gutierrez

Head of Hospitality

Hospitality Lead Yasmin has always had a calling in serving others when she gave he her life to The Lord. When The Peak Community Church began, Yasmin served in the Hospitality Department; ensuring there was always a fresh pot of coffee for everyone at both the beginning and end of services. "I love to serve the church; in anyway possible".

Evelin Muschette

Youth & Worship Ministry

Youth & Worship Ministry Leader Evelin, has a mission to encourage the next generation to pursue a relationship with God, feel his love, and live up to his standards.  "I hope to prevent others from following the path I took and help bring healing through Gods word, grace and unconditional love."

Lynn Nell

Board Member 

Board Member & Women's Ministry Leader

Elder Lynn has been apart of The Peak Community Church since 2016. Her vision is to see revival in Peekskill and the surrounding area. She consistently seeks to encourage others to use their God-given gifts. She currently oversees Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child and the Jan Peek House Meal Ministry.

Samuel Awuku

Board Member 

Elder Sam Awuku is a faithful, wise and knowledgeable brother in Christ who is very caring. He gives to those in need of help and cherishes the brothers and sisters around him. It is through Sam's knowledge that many of The Peak CC's members have learned many mysteries of God's Word. With his efforts, he keeps the saints' swords sharpened and their mind consistently renewed. He also serves on The Peak CC's worship team.

Annamarie James

Board Member

Children's & Youth Ministry Leader Annamarie joined The Peak Community Church in January 2020. She has a hunger for God's Word, diving deep into Bible Scriptures, seeking God's wisdom & insight. Over the years, she has been involved in many different ministries and that is where her heart lives; serving Children of God in whatever capacity it entails. Currently Annamarie is studying at Regent University seeking to earn her Masters of Divinity.

Rosemarie James

Children's Ministry Leader

Rosemarie James and her twin sister moved to Peekskill, NY in 1999. Rosemarie loves to write, poetry, and has been saved for over 30 years. She continues to be active in the children's ministry and teaches Sunday school. Rosemarie's goal is to spread God's word as farthest as God wills her to.  

Joseph Muschette

Men's & Media Ministry Leader

Joseph simply seeks to share all of his experience and knowledge with each member of his team while seeking to deepen his faith in God. "I only seek to teach others to depend on God as I have. It's not as easy as it seems but if I can carry myself as an example, it may inspire others around me."

Craig Jacobs

Men's Ministry Leader

Brother Craig Jacobs strives to follow the Path of Life. So much so that wherever you see him, he's leading the youth of the next generation. He aids in raising them to become better young men and women in this new age. He currently leads The Peak CC's Men"s Fellowship to create a humble and safe space for Men and Young Men to learn how to carry themselves to God's pleasure as well as open up about the day to day struggles men face in their own  daily lives.